Make that Picture Pop: Acrylic Photo Printing

As a photographer, it is quite difficult to showcase your works of art. With so much competition to face, social media to manage, publicity stunts to think about, and field work to do, making your works known to the public is quite wearing. In the field of visual arts, it is important to make your works stand out from the crowd especially if you’re trying to sell them. With the rise of acrylic mounting, the next big thing in photo displays can be you! If you’re a photographer starting out in Australia, here are some of the best advantages of printing your photos in acrylic mounting:

acrylic mounting

Visual Impact

With photos, the visual impact is everything. Whether you decide to hang it on the wall of your office or home, give it as a present to a dear friend or just keep it as a reminder in your bedroom, getting them printed by professional acrylic mounting AU shops offer today can improve your memorable photos. Acrylic painting gives a sharp and animated look to a photo. The blacks will be more distinct and a 33% increase in color gamut is noticeable. Aside from that, acrylic mounting provides a rare reflective property that makes light reflect within the acrylic to give photos a 3-D look.


Acrylic Mounting delivers UV protection usually from 70 – 98% and 100% moisture protection so the prints last for a lifetime in great quality.  Acrylic is also shatter and scratch resistant and lighter than glass.

The acrylic print is mentioned using several terms like acrylic face or photo mount and plexiglas (plexiglass), lucite or perspex which are just brand names of acrylic. There are two different procedures of producing acrylic mounting print. It can either be through direct printing onto the material or through printing onto paper then face mounting to acrylic.


The face mount process is a more difficult process and more expensive, but it is the best acrylic mounting process to follow since it is known to produce the best result.  It is believed that the face mount method by AU acrylic mounting expert photo printers produces grander color pop and vibrancy since the face mount process takes advantage of the reflective nature of acrylic.  No other type of display or photo printing procedure can match acrylic face mounting which is why it is well worth your money. This technique is developing quickly and becoming more and more popular amongst professional photographers who want to showcase their works of art grandly for the sake of their business.

So with these two major advantages, what is really the big deal with acrylic mounting you ask?  For one thing, with acrylic printing and face mounting, this process makes the image itself the star of the show. In the presentation of the pictures, it allows zero distraction from a frame around the image or any kind of hardware like stand-off bolts in the corner.  Your photo is printed in high grade photo paper that can either be satin or metallic, then is face mounted to the acrylic for better results and visual impact. Check at

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