Everything You Should Know About RTO Registration

As the number of the people in the workforce increases, the number of training that needs to be provided to the new people in the workforce should increase as well. A report made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics this month alone (April-May 2016) showed the rate of employment has increased from 4,100 to 11,910. This means that more and more Australians are getting jobs every day! Because of that, there are currently 2,388 RTO’s (registered training organisations). If you want to embark on this business and don’t know how RTO registration works, then read on to this article.

Initial Registration

An application for initial registration should be filed in ASQAnet. Once that has been done, ASQAnet will provide an invoice that will reflect both the application assessment fee and the application lodgement fee. Once you have that in your hands and the application has been received, ASQAnet will now check your application if you comply the requirements. If the payments are not made within 30 days, chances are, ASQAnet might cancel your application.

Assessment Fee

The amount of money that you pay for this fee is used to cover for the cost of assessment done by the ASQAnet to your company. ASQAnet will check whether you comply with the standards that are stipulated in the VET (Vocational Education Training) framework of quality. This also includes an audit regarding your risk management schemes.

The minimum assessment fee that an RTO can pay for its RTO registration is eight thousand Australian dollars. In addition to the base fee that you will be paying is the extra fee that you will pay for every accredited course that would pass their evaluation. Each course is going to be charged 145 dollars while another 50 dollars to each competency.

The total amount that you are going to expect to pay at the end of the application is around fifty thousand Australian dollars. The payment can either be cash, credit card (visa, mastercard,) or via check. On the other hand, if you wish to cancel your assessment, ASQAnet can refund your payment if the risk management assessment has not started yet.

Why invest despite the cost?

Despite the huge amount of money that you need to invest into this kind of business, you don’t have to worry because you will yield a pretty considerable amount of profit out of it. To make it simpler, a VET (Vocational Education Training) course averages four thousand to twenty two thousand Australian dollars per year. That means on 10 students alone, the amount that you have spent for the fees involving RTO registration can already be covered and more. If you are able to get 100 to 200 students, then that is a pretty good amount of money.

Things to remember

There are firms that can help you with RTO registration in QLD. Let’s face it, registering your RTO business is a pretty complicated task. If you find RTO registration in QLD hard and complicated don’t hesitate to ask the experts for help. However, before making any negotiations or deal regarding this matter make sure that the company that will handle your QLD registration RTO is the best one. So, be smart. For more details please visit this site http://www.tbsconsulting.com.au/

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