CAM walkers make you stand on your own legs

The medical science has brought about radical changes in the procedure of treating ailments. Take, for example, the case of a person who has suffered from a fracture or ligament tear in the leg. According to the traditional procedure, the person had to undergo the rigorous orthopedic cast. The person had to live with the cast for several weeks. Naturally, this would cause severe inconvenience to the patient. Now, the patient can get over this discomfort by wearing the cam walkers Melbourne doctors recommend.


As a matter of fact, cam is the acronym of controlled ankle motion boot or shoe. These Melbourne cam walkers are also called as below knee walking boots. These boots are normally prescribed for those suffering from ligament tear in the foot, fracture in the leg and so on. This is an adjustable orthopedic apparatus. The external appearance of a CAM replicates the normal boot.

 The mechanism:

The cam walkers Melbourne shops sell actually make the ankle immobile. Because of their immobility, there will be no pressure on the ankle and also on the affected area in the ankle or leg. As a result, it accelerates the pace of healing of the affected area in the leg.

The boot is exclusively designed to provide maximum comfort to the person. Some of the salient features of cam walkers Melbourne doctors recommend could be described as follows:

·        Each of the three parts of the CAM walkers, namely the sole, boot liner and the velcro strapping, is exclusively designed. The sole is made of a hard plastic shell. Two vertical aluminum bars which are in the form of frame are attached to the sole, which provides complete support to the ankle. At the same time, these make the ankle totally immobile. The top is provided with an adjustable velcro strap. As a result, you can adjust the strap according to your convenience.

·        Unlike the orthopedic cast, you can remove the cam walkers. For example, while going to the bed at night, you can remove the boot. But, in the case of orthopedic cast, this facility of temporarily removing the cast does not arise at all. The CAM walkers have flat heels. These also have a liner, which is so designed that it adjusts itself to the contour of the leg. Check at MRA Podiatry and Orthotics

·        It is very easy to maintain CAM walkers. Just wear good quality socks and with that it would be possible to get rid of the odor.  Periodically wash the CAM walkers. Normally, every manufacturer of Cam Walkers in Melbourne provides exclusive instructions on maintenance of the boot. Follow the instructions as that will help you in proper maintenance of the boot. It also enhances the life of the boot.

Free from skin allergy:

You may visit any of the exclusive stores or browse through the Internet to find cam walkers in Melbourne. The CAM shoes are available in different designs such as air inflated liners, standard liners and so on. Consult your orthopedic surgeon before buying the shoes. After wearing the shoe for some time, you may even closely examine your feet to ensure there are no red patches. This is to ensure the boot does not cause any skin allergy.

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