Bathroom Renovations: How to Stick to Your Budget

Remodeling your bathroom is one way to increase functionality and add value to your home. Besides, it is quite exciting just to see new designs, structures, and fixtures in your bath space! If you are in Melbourne, the initial step in bathroom remodeling is to engage reliable experts for bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern suburbs have to offer.

However, bathroom remodeling can be an expensive project, based on the changes and fresh installations you want to include in the space. Without careful considerations, you can easily slip outside your budget and overspend. To avoid running into costly expenses, it is advisable to consult certified professionals for bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs have for customers.

For example, remodeling costs can easily increase if you include bells and whistles. Before you approach reliable companies for bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs have to offer, here are top tips to help you stay on budget.

Consider painting instead of tiles

While tiles are common in bathroom walls and floors, use of excessive tiles can make your budget shoot considerably. Where it’s applicable, experts recommend painting over tiling in more areas. Tiles are beautiful and eye-catching, but if you choose an equally eye-catching paint, you can easily achieve the same objective.

This will help you reduce costs without compromising the aesthetic value of the space. For example, you can play around with warm and cool colors on different spaces or add stripes to create a fun look.

Be careful when choosing finishes

Bathroom fixtures are available in various beautiful finishes. However, finishes have different prices and if you fail to consider that, you might end up paying more. For example, if you choose to use bronze, stainless steel, or brass finishes for the faucets and knobs, you might pay more than if you selected chrome or brushed nickel for the same, to help you stay within your budget. You can get more advice from a reliable bathroom renovator Melbourne has to offer.

Maintain your current space

Increasing the framework of your bath space can easily increase the cost of your remodeling project. If you want the least expensive budget, work with your existing space. However, you can still include many changes in the space without increasing the dimensions. For instance, you can replace the sinks, tubs, and knobs. You can also replace the walls and floors with more beautiful colors.

Don’t interfere with the plumbing

Experts suggest that changing the location of the plumbing system can greatly increase the cost of your remodeling project. Instead of changing the location of your tub or toilet, you can simply replace them directly, to avoid interfering with the plumbing system

Reduce the amount of glass in the space

Glass provides a sleek visual appeal. However, glass doors as well as borders can be more costly. To reduce your remodeling cost, you can consider using shower curtains or sliding glass doors, which minimize the amount of glass doors used in the space.

Bathroom remodeling is an important home improvement project. All the same, it is advisable to work with reliable bathroom renovators Melbourne has to offer for quality renovations and a realistic budget.

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